This week we have our Summer Ballet Examination sessions. Some of the Grade Five students talked to us:


Sylvia can be seen here having her hair done by Miss Maisie, before her Grade 5 exam. She told us:

“I love performing. Coming to ballet is such a nice break from school and I have made really great friends. I was so excited to do my exam and show the examiner that I can tell a story through dance. I was nervous about taking the exam but I was ready to give it my all and was very pleased at how it went. I’m now ready for a bigger challenge and can’t wait to start the Grade 6 syllabus.

Michka really loves ballet and performing. She has so many friends at the Ballet hat she wouldn’t want to stop dancing with them. The teachers were really helpful in preparing everyone for the exam and Michka is now looking forward to starting Grade 6.

Ava has been dancing at the school since she 3 years old. She told us:

“I love ballet and performing and have made so many friends here. Although it can be stressful working towards an exam, the teachers are so helpful and prepared us so well. The exam was really enjoyable and I will miss doing Grade 5, but I am excited to learn a new syllabus.


Pia and Lola have been dancing at the school together since they were 2 years old. They both feel that it is a great way of expressing yourself and having done the Grade 5 exam within two terms, they are now excited to continue with Grade 6 alongside the Major Syllabi.


Lola, Isabella and Maddie have worked very hard to take their Grade 5 exam in two terms of study. All three also attend the Intermediate Foundation classes which have helped to strengthen their technique. All three girls said it is lovely to just dance after school and they find it very stress relieving. They all had just two terms to prepare for the examination but really feel that their hard work has paid off and are excited to learn the next syllabus.