The School holds a performance at Richmond Theatre once every three years, in which all children are involved. Our next performance will be on Sunday June 24th 2018. Parents are welcome to visit this blog for updates on schedules and theatre ticket sales.

Theatre Rehearsal and Performance Schedule, Ticket Information and Parent Helpers.

The technical run through at Richmond Theatre will take place on Sunday 10th June. It is essential that your child attends so that they feel familiar with the venue and have the opportunity to run through their dance on the stage (very important for placing of patterns spatial awareness and confidence).
Information on the drop off and pick up times and location are attached, so please look for your child’s class. If she/he attends more than one class and the rehearsal times are different, they will be required to arrive at the earliest time and leave at the latest time. It is essential for security that you arrive on time. Although we usually run to the allocated times, if there is any delay we will come to the pickup point to let you know.
We have been running performances for over thirty years and believe we have worked out the most efficient routine bearing in mind the number of young children for whom we will have responsibility. It is vital that you always remain patient if you have to wait for your child (please make sure you have left yourself plenty of time when parking in a metered space), and let the staff ensure that they are maintaining a high level of care and security for your children. Please remember – we have done this many times and know what we are doing. It might look a little overwhelming when you see so many children in one place, but this is normal for us.

Theatre Rehearsal – Sunday 10th June
This will take place at:
Richmond Theatre
The Green
Richmond TW9 1QJ
There are three car parks in Richmond (one next to the station, one in Paradise Road and one above Waitrose) and the station (overground and tube) are a five minute walk from the theatre).
The cost for the rehearsal is £18 for Babies and £20 for all other children and there is a slip attached for you to complete with contact details and payment (if you did not pay this with the term’s fees). Please ensure the form is completed clearly as we will be using this as your child’s contact sheet should any problems arise. If your child is old enough to arrive and depart from the theatre on their own, this MUST be indicated on the form, or they will not be allowed to leave until we have contacted you.
Baby Ballet Classes should arrive at the theatre on 10th June at the time indicated on the attached schedule. They should be brought to the entrance to the right of the front of the theatre. A member of staff will be ready to welcome your child. Please note that for security reasons, parents are NOT allowed in to the theatre on this day. Please explain to your child well beforehand that you will be dropping them off and collecting them again shortly. There might be a few tears as it is a new place for your child and this is totally expected, but once they see the lovely interior and start doing the steps they know so well, they will soon be happy again and reluctant to leave the stage! They should be wearing their ballet uniform and ballet shoes. They will not require any other items of clothing or food (water and plain biscuits will be provided). You should wait at the entrance at the front of the theatre on the right hand side, to collect them at the allotted time. Hopefully there will not be any delays, but it is essential that the children are well rehearsed and familiar with what will happen on the day of the performance. Your children will be handed out to you individually for collection. As we will have double the number of babies for the rehearsal (they will be split between the two performances on 24th June), we anticipate it will take up to half an hour to return them to you. Please remember that the day of the performance will be more familiar for you and will run smoothly.

ALL OTHER CLASSES – the schedule displayed at the studio shows where your child should be dropped and collected. Parents are NOT allowed in to the theatre on this day. Your child should be wearing their dance uniform and dance shoes as there will not be time to change. They may bring some light clothing to put on over their dance kit once they have rehearsed and may also bring along a snack if you feel it is necessary and a bottle of water. Nuts, chocolate, unpeeled baby bel cheese, raisins and crisps should not be included in the snack. The children thoroughly enjoy watching each other perform, so we will let them sit in the auditorium whilst they wait for their dance to be rehearsed. We can’t be responsible for lost property once we have left the theatre that day, so please ensure all clothing is named.

Performance Schedule
As the 24th June is still some way off, we will give you another letter with all the relevant information at the end of May / beginning of June. However, please note that only the Baby Ballet classes, Prep-Primary and Primary Ballet classes are required for one performance. The first performance will be at 12.45pm and the second performance will be at 3.15pm. Please refer to the schedule to see in which performance your child’s class is taking part. You will be given the specific drop and collection times in the next letter. They will approximately an hour to two hours before the performance time.
All other classes are required to participate in both performances. Arrival at the theatre will be between 10.30am and 11.30am (details to be given out in May/ June) and children will be able to leave (in costume) immediately after the performance at approximately 5.45pm. Children may not be collected at any time during either performance and parents will not be allowed backstage, in order to maintain a high level of security.
All children should arrive at the theatre in as few garments as possible and should have with them their dance shoes, socks and tights, hair equipment, some make up and any other item that their teacher has asked them to bring. Please ensure that EVERYTHING is named (this includes hairbrushes etc). They may bring a light lunch and tea (no chocolate, nuts, crisps, unpeeled baby bel cheese or raisins) and a bottle of water. Remember they will be eating and drinking in costume so food choices should be based on this and take into consideration common food allergies. We will also be supplying water and plain biscuits.
The performance will be professionally filmed and photographed. Due to child protection guidelines, no other filming or photography will be permitted. The DVD will be available for you to purchase and there will be a password protected website for you to view and select photographs.

Parent Helpers
We still need four parents from each class to look after the children during the theatre rehearsal and the performances. Although we will have staff members on hand, we will still need your help. Volunteers will greet children on arrival, help them to get in to their costumes, chaperone to the stage and wait there whilst they perform, supervise them in the changing room and Upper Circle auditorium and be responsible for handing them back to their parents when they are collected. We would like you to watch at least one class rehearsal so that you are familiar with the children and their dance and hopefully give you a tour of the theatre, so that you have an idea of the layout. We advise that you watch one performance and help with the other (or vice versa). In the past, parents have thoroughly enjoyed helping and have found it to be a very interesting experience.
Please give your name to the receptionist at the studio if you are able to help on both days, or if you do not attend classes that are held at the Chiswick studio, please telephone the studio on 020 8994 3064 any afternoon from 4pm to 7pm and let us know you would like to help. Dads can also help us with door security, snack runs etc……so please don’t be shy!

Ticket Sales
Tickets will be available for sale commencing 16th May at 6.00am. Tickets can be bought by emailing your request only to:
Please state the following:
1) The name of your child
2) Day and time your child attends
3) Performances/s you would like to buy tickets for (First Show or Second Show)
4) How many tickets you would like to purchase (no limit)
5) Where you would ideally like the seats to be (Stalls, Dress Circle or Box). Tickets in the Upper Circle will not be available unless we have no further availability at the lower levels).
6) Your telephone number/s

Emails sent before 6.00am will not be opened. All requests will be dealt with strictly in order of receiving them. Ticket sales will continue up to the day of the performances.
The seating plan can be viewed on the Richmond Theatre website and will also be on display at the studio.
If it is not possible to give you the seats you have chosen, the next best will be allocated to you. If there is a significant difference we will contact you (this would only be in a case such as where you have requested Dress Circle seats, but only Stalls are available).

Tickets will be ready for payment and collection at the ballet studio. If your class is not held at the studio, your child’s teacher will bring them to your location.

The cost of tickets is:
Stalls Rows A, B, C, D, E and F: £21
Dress Circle Rows A, B, C, D and E: £21
Boxes: £20
All other seats £18

Tickets can not be refunded.

Please remember that we have to pay a professional rate for using the theatre and their technical and front of house staff as well as our own staff. We have kept the price of tickets to the minimum in order to cover these costs only.

It is a tradition that the teachers are presented with flowers from the parents at the end of the performance. If you would like to contribute to this, please could you donate £1 when you pay for your tickets.

We are all very much looking forward to the performances.